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A rip-roaring, radically fun, small wave slasher, carved out from the ridiculously popular Rad Ripper. A board designed to violently shred everyday, average surf and leave neon ’80s nostalgia dying on the sand.

The RIPPER was inspired by Kolohe Andino, whose love for (and performances on) the Rad Ripper are undeniable. Admittedly addicted to the Rad Ripper, Kolohe requested adjustments that would eliminate the nostalgic ’80s influences and create a more modern look with less emphasis on revivalism, resulting in an all-new small wave shred sled.

To achieve this, we removed the beak nose and re-foiled the entire deck line, abandoning the flat deck and steep rails for a more contemporary, moderately rolled rail and deck. The tail is scooped out with a thinner, boxy block. We removed the deep fluted wing, leaving behind a subtle bump/hip, but retained plenty of small wave surface area. The nose is slightly pulled, with a touch more rocker, to fit just a bit better into kinky transitions.

Like its forefather, the Rad Ripper, The RIPPER retains an overall low rocker with a single concave center and a deep double concave/vee that runs through the fins and out the tail. The built-in speed, paddle-ability, and firm carving control that defined the Rad Ripper are integrated into this update.

The RIPPER loves to be surfed aggressively, off the tail. The low rocker and wide tail block relish rear foot pressure, driving, snapping, and carving harder the more aggressively it’s ridden. More modest or casual surfers will also enjoy its built-in speed and the ease of directional changes enabled by the double concave vee.

The rolled deck, lower/softer rails, increased nose rocker, and reduced nose area, combined with a more blended tail outline and scooped out deck, all work together to modernize and unleash The RIPPER, out of the shadows and into the limelight. The RIPPER is a small wave weapon for hacking and lacerating minuscule to moderate surf, under the feet of both average Joes and pumped-up pros.

Ride about the same size as your original Rad Ripper but with a touch less foam for a cheeky feeling or easily go a bit longer if you want to cruise and enjoy.


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